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Recommendations for following the routes:

  1. Choose the route: Compare the different routes on the website and choose the one that best suits your characteristics and expectations.
  2. Download the routes you wish to follow: You are recommended to print all the routes to PDF, where the routes are explained step by step. It is important to know that the routes are not signposted although the majority coincide with GR, PR and existing signs in Ataun. In any event, the PDF will give you all the necessary indications regarding the route as well as tell you where there are parking facilities, rest areas and “watering holes”.
    • Mythological routes (4): PDA or MP3 + PDF
      • These are easy routes with stops for watching videos of the mythological legends. It is important to carry the PDF on you to know exactly where you must stop to listen to each legend. In any case, the PDF content is also included in the PDA version.
      • Although the audio and video versions are designed for PDAs and MP3s, they may also work on other apparatuses that include audio or audio/video facilities.
    • Walks (12): GPS + PDF
    • BTT Routes (3): only GPS (PDF is also recommended)
  3. How to get there: Consult the route file to see where the starting point is. In order to do so, click on the link to GoogleMaps and write in your town.
  4. Where to eat and/or sleep:Go to the SERVICES page to reserve a table or accommodation.


  1. PDF: Print on both sides and fold into 3.
  2. PDA: Download to the computer and transfer the files to your apparatus by means of the ActiveSync. Do not change the location of the files. The files are between 5 and 12 Mb. And, in order not to have problems of space, you are recommended to save them on the memory card.
  3. MP3: Download the audio directly to the MP3. You must have the PDF in order to know at any given moment and place where you must listen to each audio.
  4. GPS: Download the track files (.plt) and waypoint files (.wpt) to the computer, also available in (.gpx), and open them with OziExplorer or CompeGPS and, once the GPS is connected to the computer, download them to your apparatus.

Should you have any doubts or enquiries, please contact the San Gregorio Information Centre (Barrio San Gregorio, Elkargunea 12, 20211 Ataun): 943180285

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